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Welcome To Breast Augmentation Eugene Oregon

Welcome to Breast Augmentation Eugene Oregon. We have committed in every way to make this a positive experience for you.

Have your breasts affected the way you walk around town? Has your confidence diminished?

We are here to change that through breast augmentation or a boob lift. It may be a breast reduction or reconstruction that you need. We have that here as well!


About Breast Augmentation Eugene Oregon

When getting a Eugene breast augmentation we strive to provide to you all the information you need. It is our goal for you to walk out of your first consultation with confidence. We want you to know what the next steps are and how much are boob jobs.

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We are very friendly during every visit. We give you our undivided personal attention during your visits. During your breast implants Eugene we pay close attention to every detail.

We go over the details with you for what your boob job cost will be. There are many variations on pricing. The price of what breast implants cost and what a breast reduction surgery cost are very different. We make sure you understand the cost of everything.

You can be sure that we keep our meetings confidential. This is a value that we have pride in. Our confidentiality. You are in a safe space here and will get the best breast augmentation Eugene.

We work together as a team with high respect. We value your opinion and goals for your body. Our goal is to find and achieve the best boob job that will work right for your body.

We are honest in what will not work or what will not be the best option for you. You can count on us.

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Why Choose Us?

Let's talk about why someone would like to come and get a Eugene breast augmentation. Let's also talk about why someone would want to get a breast reduction Eugene. Here are some reasons:

  • They have always wanted bigger boobs
  • They are insecure about the shape or asymmetry of their breasts
  • They have pain in other areas of their body due to their size of breasts

There are many more reasons. If you have a reason come and see us. Fill out this form today to get started. You will be grateful for the change that takes place in your life in all areas of your life.

We have been around for years helping men and women to get their body goals. Here are some factors that can determine if you will be eligible for a boob job.

  • You are at least 18 or 22 depending on the type of implant you want
  • Your health is in good condition
  • You are unhappy with your current breasts

We have both the knowledge and experience to create whatever it is you are wanting. We use the newest technology at Breast Augmentation Eugene Oregon. This makes it so that we can keep scarring to as little as possible.

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What To Expect?

We will first perform an exam to see where your breasts are at now. Are they very small or are they sagging or uneven? There are many factors we look at during an exam.

We will take pictures and take many measurements. We will talk about your options and what you would like to see happen with your breasts. We strive for confidence as you go into your surgery. We want you to love them before you even get them.

We have a technology that puts the breasts that you are wanting on your body and shows you an after picture. This can give you a great idea of what it will look like. If you do not love it, we can adjust it until you do.

You will get to feel the outer shell options. This will help you to decide if you would like the smooth or the textured shell. We also allow you to try different sizes of breast implants to see how they lay in your shirt.

We will help guide you in making decisions that will best work for you. We strive to make this a fun experience for you and one that you look forward to.


Our Services

If you would like larger breasts without the worry of implants you may use your own fat through fat transfer breast implants. We will take a look at your symptoms to determine if you are an eligible candidate for a breast reduction. If you are looking to get bigger boobs we have many breast augmentation options for you to consider.

Breast Implants Eugene Oregon

If you have been looking for “breast augmentation near me” we have many options for you to choose from. Silicone and saline implants are only two of the many choices to make when choosing between implants. We fill these with silicone gel for the silicone implants and saline solution for the saline implants. We can shape them to look more round which will give you more cleavage. We can also shape them to a teardrop shape which looks much more natural. If your main concern is for them to look natural then silicone implants will be the option you will love. We do measurements by cubic centimeters which will help to give you the perfect size you want. There are two types of shells you can get. These are either smooth or textured. You can also choose the projection which is how low or high your implant sits on your body.

Breast Reduction

We love performing breast reduction surgery as we see it relieve so much pain and stress on our patients. A breast reduction can restore your physical and mental health near immediate. During a consultation we will find the size and shape that you would like your breasts. We will do either an upside down T or an anchor shaped incision. We will then remove the extra tissue and reform the nipple if necessary.

Breast Lift Eugene

With this surgery we help to tighten your breasts up. We do this by removing extra sagging skin, and reshaping loose breast tissue. Many times we perform breast enlargement at the same time to provide you with the volume that you may have lost as well. You may need a revision of this surgery if your breasts are large. This is because they may continue to droop as gravity works through time. If you have smaller breasts your results will have better chances to be long lasting.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

This is a wonderful option if you do not want to worry about long term effects that breast implants may cause. This surgery has the smallest amount of scarring. We do very small injections of the fat throughout your breasts. We will harvest fat from one or many other parts of the body. These include the back, abdomen, thighs and butt. This surgery is very non invasive and you have a much more quick recovery.

Breast Reconstruction

For our breast reconstruction service you can get this done at the same time as your mastectomy. This will take many procedures to get to the end results. If you want to wait till a later date you are welcome to do that as well. You can choose between tissue transfer or implants for your breast reconstruction surgery. If you have had one breast removed, many times we still perform surgery on both sides to make them even.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy bear implants are well known for their shape. They are the teardrop shape. They have a fill that is not liquid. Because of this you do not have the chance that anything will leak into your body if the shell ruptures or tears. Over time they hold their shape very well. You also will not get the rippling or capsular contracture that other implants may experience.

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a condition that many men struggle with. This is a condition where your body creates too much of hormones leading to the extra tissue in your breasts. What we do is we take small incisions around the areola and remove this tissue. This gives you a whole new look and will have you feeling much more masculine.

Other Services

  • Breast asymmetry
  • Tuberous breast correction
  • Inverted nipple correction
  • Help you choose correct implant size
  • Many more other services

Frequently Asked Questions

Will implants fix my significant sagging that I have in my breasts?

Implants will help the sagging that your breasts are having. If you have much extra skin you will also want to look into getting a breast lift. This “breast enlargement near me” you found may not fix everything on it’s own. You may need to combine our services to get your desired results.

Will my results from breast enlargement surgery be permanent?

Breast enlargement surgery is permanent for the most part. There are a few factors that could make the surgery not permanent. These factors are if you gain weight or have another pregnancy. Your breasts may experience change. If you experience difficulties and side effects from your implants then you may need them revised or removed.

After a breast reduction surgery Eugene will my breasts grow again?

If you experience a large amount of weight gain or if you have a pregnancy it is likely that your breast size will again change. This is because of the hormones that will be throughout your body. We recommend waiting until after you have all your kids to get a breast reduction done. This will reduce the risk of them growing back to a size that you do not want.

What do breast implants Eugene cost?

Call us to get an idea of how much your surgery will cost. There are many variables that go into the cost of breast implants. We have financing options available to help split up the cost of your breast implant surgery. This helps to make breast implants more doable for many people.

Customer Testimonials

What Our Clients Say


I had first searched for “cheap breast implants near me”. I got many results and ended up coming here. My breast implants were a good price and even greater quality.

Bella M.


I cannot believe how kind every staff member was. They were clear with directions for post op. This was very nice as I healed perfect.

Amy E.


This company is top of the line. They have met all my needs and more. It has been very clear throughout the process that they make their patients their first priority.

Hayley P.

Service Area

About Eugene Oregon

Eugene is very close to the Oregon Coast. It is spotted with greenery everywhere leaving it very much fresh and crisp. The population is near 173,000 people.

We have a very natural environment here which means we also have incredible opportunities for hiking, biking, running, anything outdoors. The beginning of Nike started here in Eugene OR.

Eugene gets much rainfall for long periods of time. The usual weather in Eugene is warm to cool along with this rainfall. 85% of the population in Eugene is white.

Nine other cities in OR that are near to us in Eugene are:

  • Springfield, OR
  • Junction City, OR
  • Creswell, OR
  • Veneta, OR
  • Harrisburg, OR
  • Pleasant Hill, OR
  • Elmira, OR
  • Dexter, OR
  • Marcola, OR
  • And many other surrounding areas!

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What boob job is it that you are looking for? Male breast reduction, breast implants, boob lift? Whichever it is, we have it here.

We have the best “plastic surgeon near me” that you could find. We are very educated and have years of experience in the breast industry. We will help you every step of the way when choosing breast implants.

Breast Augmentation Eugene Oregon will be the place that helps in giving you the different sizes of breasts you have been wanting. You will be so happy with the results that we are able to provide you with.

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